Going home

Our midnight sun adventure is almost over.  Yesterday we started the day in Malmö and ended in Rotterdam.  Big Blue says that was 635 miles on the road, fairly uncomplaining miles at that, apart from the madness of the German autobahns.  I say that is far too far for any one person to drive in a day.  It was absolutely exhausting.  Rotterdam is not a good place to camp so we checked in to an hotel for the night.  It was good to have a bed made up, a shower where you didn’t have to keep feeding coins or pressing the tap, and a breakfast prepared for you.  This was nice, but the Bastion at the Benelux Tunnel will soon be forgotten.  What will stay long in our memories are the camps where we pitched our tent: the wild Scandinavian forests, the enormous expanses of water, both river and lake, and of course, the midnight sun.  These are the things that make adventures.

It is a little early to reflect on the meaningfulness of our journey – we shall in a while – but it has been the most incredible of times and the experience has given us a wonderful insight in to ourselves, each other and this incredible planet on which we are sentient beings of beauty, marking our fleeting existence in words and deeds, challenging ourselves to be a special part of it.  We belong to something very, very special.


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