DFDS Failways

DFDS Failways

The company that took us to Esbjerg fails miserably due to the fact that yesterday we found out that our ferry was canceled; it hit the side of the dock and it is in repair until the 7th of July. So at the camp site that I found yesterday was very good but the Internet didn’t even work so we where allowed to us one of the reception computers and booked a ferry from The Hook Of Holland to Harwich, and it is a day boat so we don’t need a cabin. We have had to cut our holiday short to get to The Hook Of Holland. At least DFDS Seaways refunds our money for the journey! Yesterday dad was driving and when DSDF Seaways called I picked up the phone and they wanted my dad but since he was driving they told me everything that happened, I was so shocked and then I told my dad and he said that man at one of the campsites was right because he said that a ferry hit a side of a dock in Harwich but we didn’t know that it was our ferry at that time. Also the good thing is that we are going in 2 extra counties!
All counties we’ve been to:
And the extra two

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