5 is a significant number this year for Oli and me.  It is a year of discovery, a year of journey and a year of transition.  It is the year we put our crazy plan in to action.

The seeds were sown last summer; due to work commitments I wasn’t able to take leave over the school holidays so we couldn’t up and go like we usually did.  We had enjoyed a fabulous spring break in Lanzarote, with my partner and her children, chilling on the beach and exploring volcanoes.  We also did the annual Dads ‘n’ Lads camping weekend, a flame filled fiesta of feral frivolity.  But as the wet Summer sloshed on and I was dragged away by responsibilities of an Olympic nature, the wanderlust kicked in for both of us.

“Can we go on a trip, Dad? Just you and me”.   At the back end of last Summer when Oli was firmly rooted at home and the only traveling I did was back and forth to work, a trip was what we both needed.  But where to go?  I was thinking somewhere sunny; warm, dry summers in the UK now seem to be a mere childhood memory.  I certainly wasn’t prepared for Oli’s choice when I asked him where he would like to go.

“Midnight sun.  I want to see the midnight sun.”

So the crazy plan was born.  A trip to northern latitudes and an Arctic summer.  This is our goal and it seems such a beautiful thing to do.  We are going to celebrate the summer solstice in the land of the midnight sun.  In a tent. In Lapland.  Just me and my boy, and the wilderness.

Oh, and Big Blue is coming too.

To 66° 33′ 44″ and beyond!